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Your Donation Helps

The immense scope of the Witness Blanket is reflected only by its potential to heal. Although the creation of this monument was funded by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Commemoration Initiative and the Rina M. Bidin Foundation, additional funding is essential to complete two aspects that have grown from the original idea. The Witness Blanket Documentary and the National Tour.

Funds raised through our website will be administered by our managing partner, the Victoria Native Friendship Center. A portion will go towards post-production costs for the Feature Documentary so that we can all share the stories woven into the Blanket. Another portion will support costs for the National Tour including both ground and air transport of 20 huge crates, caretakers to travel with the Blanket to ensure safe delivery and set-up, cultural honorariums for Elders and finally, informational and promotional materials.

By supporting the Feature Documentary you are preserving the stories and meaning of the Witness Blanket. By supporting the National Tour, you are helping to ensure that more people have the chance to see this important monument, learn about this part of Canada’s history and hopefully, be moved in a lasting and meaningful way.

Thank you for your important contribution to our project.

The Witness Blanket Team